Shady Grove Baptist Church History

Early 1906 a group baptized believers joined together and decided that this community needed a church. This group got together and prayed for direction and leadership. God finally answered their prayers. On December 9, 1906 three deacons, W.W. Williams, T. L. Loveless and H. D. Tole, S.M. Sanders church clerk and Pastor W.S. Stephison formed Shady Grove Baptist Church.

Our church has gone through many disasters; Tornadoes, fires, etc. The edifice (building) has been replaced more than once. But through it all Shady Grove Baptist Church and its faithful few have withstood tremendous adversity. 

In April of 1998 Pastor Daniel Clayton and the Deacons of the Shady Grove Church met to initiate plans for the building of our new edifice. With the blessings of God, the commitment of the members of the church and guidance from Rev. Jamie Jones and the Greater New Bethel Church Family we set the plans in motion. The actual building of the church started in July 1998 under the leadership of Rick Mooney, a local builder who volunteered to oversee the project with the assistance of church member Fred Kirkwood. The completion of the building included the assistance of over 100 volunteers and approximately $70,000 from donations, fundraisers and building fund. In September 2000 a donation of $38,000 from Cassina M. Carter was received to pay the church mortgage in full.